Picture of Crossword or Scrabble helper.
Doing a crossword and no one around to ask about a word, then this instructable is for you. Have not played scrabble since I was a kid. Also like to do crossword puzzles. If everyone uses the same tools, then it really is playing fair.There is an easy way to make the game more interesting and you increase your vocabulary as well as your typing skills at the same time.

Recommended that you have at least some time at the linux command line. These tricks can also be done on the Mac and BSD with minor modifications.

Note: a quick grep trick for finding a file wth certain text is:

 locate filename | grep search text

$ locate.pdf | grep arduino
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Step 1: Whats required?

Linux based computer where you can access the command line.

A word file which should be already available in linux.
Access to the "grep" command.

Assuming you know how to do a crossword puzzle and or know how to play scrabble.
You know how to use the linux command line.

Step 2: Getting the words.

Picture of Getting the words.
What would one need? Maybe a list of words and a way to search the list of words. Let’s see there is a list of words on a linux system. That file could be easily copied to the home directory. You definitely want to copy it so if you edit it and there is an issue, there will be no problems with your system.

$ cp /usr/share/dict/words .