Crouchet Flower Scarf


Introduction: Crouchet Flower Scarf

When bored, I start to net... I come up with many ideas. I want to show you this hand made flower scarf and it's steps.

Step 1: Materials

DMC strings

Step 2: Making Flowers

Make simple, colorful crouches flowers.

Step 3: Connecting the Flowers

Connect the flowers.
Note:(plan how to connect them before doing that)

Step 4: Finish

Connect all the flowers and start wearing it.
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    4 Discussions

    Beautiful and lively! Not your granny's same-old flowered afghan-type thing. I like the variety of shapes and colors.

    Wow this is SOOOO Cute! I would keep it on the furniture just like that! :) Amazing..please share step by step how to make them!!!

    So pretty! Any chance you could do a tutorial on how to crochet some of the different flowers?