Picture of Crow (Tonto) Headpiece
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I love Halloween!!!! I love crows too! So after seeing the Lone Ranger coupled with my love of crows I thought it would be a natural fit to combine the two and make it my own.  So Instead of putting a crow on my head I would make a head piece of a crow and then gradually add to the costume (wings, clothing...gotta have clothing!) 
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Step 1: Get your stuff

Picture of Get your stuff
Okay...here is what your going to need

A head (or something to initial shape the wire on)
Scultping/modeling wire (found at hobby lobby near the clay section)
Plaster of Paris (get the strips that mimic fabric, also found near the clay section)
Palette Knife (for sculpting)
Paper Mache
Paint (black, blue, white, and purple)
Container for warm water
Paint brush

Step 2: Cut and Shape your Wire

Picture of Cut and Shape your Wire
This is where that handsome bust will come in handy.  Use it!  Shape your crow over the head of the bust that way you won't get poked or lose an eye.  After the rough edges are worked out then you can put in on your head.  I have a teeny head so it was really important to shape the wire to fit me.

Step 3: Tape it

Picture of Tape it
Take your masking tape and work it onto your form.  Be aggressive!!!!!! Make it stick! 

Step 4: Plaster that bird!

Picture of Plaster that bird!
Remember that container of water I told you about?  Make sure that it is warm!!!  This is a must or else it won't work right.  Cut several strips of the plaster of paris fabric and dip it into the warm water.  Apply the plaster to the top of the beak area and also to the eyes.  I based this head piece off of a painting I did (It's loaded onto my pictures if you wanna look).  The eyes were the focal point of the painting and they are pretty important.  Marking them now will make it easier to find them later.  After it has dried, take larger strips of the plaster fabric and apply to the whole figure.
TamarasSoliloquy (author) 1 year ago
Thank you BalderRask!!! I would love to see your Lone Ranger!
BalderRask1 year ago
Lol I'm doing post-apocalyptic Lone Ranger! Nice job!
HollyMann1 year ago
Great job - cool pictures and awesome instructable Tamara!
TamarasSoliloquy (author)  HollyMann1 year ago
Thank you so much!! :)