Here is a neck lanyard I made for my Dad. I started it with , of course, the neck part, then made the crown sinnet  for decoration, and finished with a lanyard knot and a loop, to attach the badge or anything else.
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Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

So the stuff you'll need are:-
       1) 2 colours of 0.5 mm cord (around 1 ft. for the one with the lanyard and the loop, and 6" + the amount you want around your neck + around 2 - 4" for comfort)
        2)Any accessory (like a snap hook or keyring) (optional)
        3)A rubber band would help
        4) Super glue or a torch
<p>Step 3 isn't very well explained</p>
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For those who are interested, it seems that 1' of cord makes ~1&quot; of the round sinnet, ie. 3' of red and 3' of blue will make a 3&quot; sinnet.
Thank you. I tried for hours trying to figure out how to get my two pieces of paracord joined. So searched the internet and found this. I wanted a wrist lanyard with the round sinnet. I have the hang of it now, just need to work on my lengths.
This is well done - just be careful when using. Modern lanyards have a &quot;break away&quot; feature so you do not sustain injury or death if the lanyard gets pulled on or caught in machinery!!!

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