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Introduction: Crown Twist Hairstyle

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Here's how I get my hair off my neck and out of my face while I'm hanging out at home. It's an easy hairstyle to try when your hair is air drying, so you don't get that telltale ponytail crease in your hair, or follicles set in an uncomfortable direction.

I use just two bobby pins for this style, and no products. If you want to dress it up, apply hairspray before you begin, and use several more pins to hold the twist in place for longer.

Step 1: Flip & Shake It Out

Shake out your hair and finger brush it down from the crown of your head, so you look like Cousin It.

Step 2: Start Twisting at the Back of Your Neck

part your hair near one ear and start twisting at the base of your neck. Add more hair to the twist as you continue along your hair line, up over your ear.

Step 3: Keep Twisting Around Hairline

Twist across your forehead and down the other side of your face until all hair is contained!

Step 4: Secure Ends

Twist the remaining tail, and wrap it as far as it will go around the back of your head. If your hair is short, this may be very close to where you last incorporated new hair. Secure the tail by tucking it behind part of the twist and criss-crossing your bobby pins. Enjoy!



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    I have always wondered how people do this to their hair. Thank you very much.

    What beautiful hair

    Nice to see you are back becky,i am a real fan of the wearables you made . really amazing you inspired me a lot .