Cruelty Free Make-up ~ Cat Eye





Introduction: Cruelty Free Make-up ~ Cat Eye

Cruelty free make-up I use and love! Affordable for any budget, great products for animal lovers!

Budget for these products $10.00!

Elf and NYX do not test on animals, these are my 2 favorite brands and I recommend there products to everyone :) its nice to wear a cat eye and know no cats were harmed (other animals as well)

Step 1: Eyelid Primer!

Pick a eyelid primer of your chose, rub the primer all along your eyelids!

I chose elf eyelid primer because elf make-up is not tested on animals ~

Step 2: Eye Shadow!

Choose the eye shadow of your chose and apply till you have the coverage you want! I used the elf little black book palate and chose white! white makes your eyes appear bigger and gives you more of a bubbly look~

Step 3: Eyeliner!

Choose a light color eyeliner and shape how you would like your liner to be (applying a light eyeliner first makes it easier to achieve the look you want)

Next take a darker eyeliner and go over the light liner to make the look pop!

I chose elf brown and black ~

Step 4: Mascara!

Apply the mascara of your chose on the top and bottom lashes

I chose NYX faux lashes mascara! ~

Step 5: Be Confident and Love the Way You Look!

You can add to this look or take away! make it what you love, I love this look because it brings out my innocent look and I am more approachable to others! always be confident with your make-up and wear it with a smile, or confidence! ~



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    Ditto! About time they make cosmetics that are not test on animals!

    you're so welcome!! if you ever need to know more just keep in touch!^__^