Picture of Crumpled paper 123D Catch & MeshMixer
This is a fun step-by-step tutorial showing you how to create a CAD database from a crumpled piece of paper. I rendered my crumpled paper using KeyShot software, though I am skipping those steps in this tutorial. 

You need:
-an iPad with Autodesk 123D Catch to scan the image into CAD (free download) 
     *you may use a digital camera & Autodesk 123D Catch for online or PC instead
-Autodesk MeshMixer to massage & patch up the CAD surfaces (free download)

-KeyShot to render: optional (no free download :(
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Step 1: 123D Catch the paper

Picture of 123D Catch the paper
Using the iPad (or digital camera) open the Autodesk 123D Catch app. Take photos of the crumpled paper. You should start at a low angle & progressively increase the height of the camera. Move around the crumpled paper in about 15-20 degree increments for each photo. Use the maximum of the 30 allotted photos for a more accurate catch.

Step 2: Process the catch

Picture of Process the catch
After you finish taking all of the photos, save & process the catch. You may have try a few catches with 123D Catch before you get one you are happy with.

Step 3: MeshMixer

Picture of MeshMixer
Download the file as an OBJ from 123D Catch. Import the OBJ into MeshMixer. There will be a lot of unnecessary surfaces you need to delete in MeshMaker. You can use the surface & volume brushes to massage the surfaces. The inspector tool is useful for patching up holes in the model.

-you may now save your cleaned up file & render it using other software
-or you may send it to a 3D printer (like a MakerBot) to create a physical representation of your crumpled paper

Step 4: Optional: KeyShot rendering

Picture of Optional: KeyShot rendering
Open the OBJ in KeyShot & render.

I envisoned the crumpled paper as a perfume bottle that sprays a scent of copy paper. Who doesn't love the sensual allure of cubicles & spreadsheets?

This is good ! !

flyashy2 years ago
This is great!
I'm going to try this out asap! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
What a neat way to take advantage of the quirks of the software. :D
damonite (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
More Instructables to come in the near future!