this 'ibles a little late for Halloween but  i am Australian and i don't celebrate it!
i made these for my nieces Halloween birthday party and they are so simple, and quick to make!!

these crunchy, chocolaty arachnids don't take long to whip up and make a spooky party treat! 

Step 1:

for your spiders you will need

a block of chocolate (milk or dark preferably) (about 200-300 grams)
two tablespoons of smooth peanut butter
crunchy noodles
(you can find these in Asian supermarkets  Or Asian isle of your grocery store)
small round  candies (i used mini M&M's)

baking paper (waxed paper)
a baking tray
a microwave/a saucepan on the stove
a table spoon
a mixing bowl (microwave safe)
spatula or wooden spoon

Step 2: Melting

break your chocolate into pieces and place them in a microwave safe bowl add peanut butter and microwave at thirty second intervals until melted and smooth, mix well

( i didn't add a picture of melting it as taking a photo of a microwave is hard!)

Stove top version

break up chocolate into pieces, place in saucepan with peanut butter and stir over low heat until melted and smooth
pour into bowl

Step 3: Make 'em Crunchy!!

add crunchy noodles to chocolate mixture and fold in so not to break noodles up to much
use spatula to scrap mixture from sides of bowl

Step 4: Its Aliveeee

line baking tray with waxed (baking) paper

spoon teaspoonfuls of mixture onto the tray (aww, lil spiders)
add matching eyes before chocolate sets
refrigerate until firm and enjoy!!!!
<strong>Very</strong> nice work...<strong> voted!</strong>
thank you Bajablue!!!!
Omg, I'm so trying this-I love chocolate AND chow mein
why thank you zephyra ;)
These are great!<br>And they look really cool too!!!!
hahaha<br><br>thanks crazybassfisherwoman, sister to aussieanglergal! LOL
Ha ha ha<br><br>thats Ok AussieAnglerGAl sister to CrazyBassFisherwoman
I just made these (for the kids, honest!) It took literally 5 minutes from start to finish. A short stay in the freezer to harden them up and we, I mean the kids were eating them. Thanks for sharing.
thats GREAT! they are a very quick project!<br>hehehe, hope the kids liked them! thanks for making them
Cant wait to make these in cooking class...
oh thats great! can you send me some pics when you do?<br>thank you for trying this! <br>good luck!
I don't think i can get a picture if i make them at school. Our school bans pretty much all personal electronics, so taking a picture would be pretty impossible. I will see though.
yea thats ok, i know whatcha mean<br>but good luck!!!!!
Nice! They look tasty.
thank you! :)
hey jessyratfink<br>thanks! <br> the only problem is their addicting! LOL
So cute! I bet they're delicious too. :D

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