Crunchy Egg


Introduction: Crunchy Egg

crunchy egg is one of snack new creation maked from egg and
any ingredient. usually we enjoy this egg just for frying directly or omelatte. I want make snack from egg but different, like chips which longtime to expaired. So i combine the fried egg with some ingredient and flour to make it.

ingredient 1 : 1 egg, some pepper, some salt.

ingredient 2: 3 tablespoon wheat flour, some pepper, some salt and water.

step one : - mix ingredients 1, and than fry in the pan. make it like making an omelatte.

step two :

- mix the ingredient 2 except water.

- Take some mixed ingredient 2 and than mix with water.

- Take sliced egg in the ingredient 2 and than take it in to water, than retaking secondly in the ingredient 2. Take out its stick.

- Prepare the oil, and fry in deep frying until its coloured gold.

- OK. Happy meal.......



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    Sounds interesting. I haven't heard of frying eggs before!