Meet Crusher, who has absorbed my daughter. This build is out of foam pads and required a fair bit of time to create. It is not an expensive costume once you have the tools required but if you add in the man hours the cost goes way up. Having built 4 SKYLANDER costumes this year I needed to start fairly early in the year but the end result is awesome I think. I can't wait to see my Skylanders walking through the mall.

Tools and Material:
Glue gun
Lots of Hot Glue sticks
Foam Interlocking Play Mats
Paint (Dark Gray, White, Black,Silver  and Green)
Sharp Box Cutter
Dowel,1/2" plywood, L brackets, And Small Box for the Hammer
Sun glass lenses for the eyes
Grey Pants
Grey Shirt
I like the design and the outcome, although I am usually disappointed with my designs even when others tell me they turned out great. I think the important part is that your daughter likes it :). Thanks for sharing!

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