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I was in the sofa the other day and I couldn’t reach the TV remote control, and as I have a broken leg it was very boring to get up, take the crutches and pick it up. So I decided to make an extra hand for my crutches.

Step 1: Print the Parts

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Design in a CAD software your model.

Some things to take into account:

-The diameter of your crutches. Use a semi cilinder in the base for better adjustment.

-Big radius pliers, in order to pick up large products but allow the top part to go inside the other for pick small ones.

-Three holes: one for the axle, and two for the spring and cable. Try to put it as far as you could for higher torque.

By the way, I attach the .stl files.

Step 2: Fix It to the Crutches and Final Details

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Use an old bike inner tube for better grip.

Use a screw as an axle.

For keep the pliers open you can use a spring or an elastic band.

For pull down the pliers use a nylon cable.

Step 3: It Works!


8166 made it! (author)2018-01-02

I also have something almost the same but with a motor control that can grab any thing it could handle .


Uncle Kudzu (author)2017-12-31

Well done - very clever! Hope your leg heals strong and quickly!

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