Chlorophyll As Fabric Dye




Introduction: Chlorophyll As Fabric Dye

In this instructable we will be makingthe t-shirt from the picture. Other faces are possible. The dye is made with Turnip leaf juice.

Step 1: Making the Ink

This step is a two step step.

Step 1. - Get some turnip leafs.

Step 2. Use a juicer to turn them into the green liquid for making the face.

Step 2: Use a Straw to Paint.

In the same spirit as the U.S.A. forefathers, use a straw to transfer the ink. They had feathers back then, but we don't have feathers back now. So use a straw.

Step 3: Rock It

Put in on. Bam. All the other cool kids are like 'Wo.'



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