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Few months ago, I made a project named Jurassic Park Props. I did the Cryocan with cardboards and Paper Mache and when I look back at it I think it is awful.. :P . About a month ago, I bought a 3D printer. It was now my chance to throw away the old Cryocan and print a new one! Here it is. For better result, I split the model in three parts.

After the printing you can paint it with a Chrome spray paint. If you want to know more about the vials you can go to my other Instructable :

The holes are about 1 cm diameter so it fit just nicely!

Good print and don't forget to vote for it in the 3D Printing Contest if you like it!


2001anthonyj (author)2015-07-01

What can did u use mine seems to be a bit large

NamedJohnny (author)2001anthonyj2015-07-12

I used Gillette Can

2001anthonyj (author)2015-07-09


2001anthonyj (author)2015-07-01

What kind of printer do u have and can u make a resonating chamber

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