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    Where it says 1(1/4") does that mean one and a quarter inch pipe

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    and what size are the nuts and bolts

    I don't know the exact size, I have a lot of them so I used the ones that fit. You want to make sure that your bolts are not bigger than 1.3 cm, so they fit into the crytex. And the size of the of the nuts depends on the size of the hole you made in your cryptex. (mine was 0.5 inches)

    Where did you get 1/4 inch PVC pipe? I can't find them anywhere. What is the final size of the cryptex? Thanks!!

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    I got all my materials as well as the 1(1/4) inch pipe at my local Home Depot.
    The final size is 25.5 cm (10 inches)

    Thank you!


    Oh man, GOOD instructions for making a cryptex, finally! Most of the others I've seen are crappy, but your photos are clear and your instructions are easy to follow. I'm a geocacher; guess what I'll be making shortly? XD Thanks hugely!

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    Thank you.
    I am also a geocacher, and this cryptex is actually the third stage of my multi-cache ;)

    Heh; wondered if you might be. Same cacher name? Mine is. I don't believe there're any cryptex caches in my area, so I guess mine'll be the first; I'll start making it this weekend.

    There is also no cryptex caches in my area. I think mine is the first one.
    Good luck making it. I am sure people will love a cache like that.

    Awesome build! I think I'll give one of these (with stuff inside) as a birthday/Christmas gift.

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    Thank you! Great idea.

    Interesting design, thanks for sharing! Ought to be rather sturdy, too, given the materials.

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    Thank you, and yeah it is rather sturdy

    Fun project ! …
    But beware that someone doesn't do to you cryptex what Alexander the Great did to the Gordian knot !… LOL
    Thank you for posting …

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    Lol thanks)