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Introduction: Cryptex

Homemade cryptex from PVC pipes.

The cryptex works much like a bicycle's combination lock, and if one arranges the disks to spell out the correct password, the tumblers inside align, and the entire cylinder slides apart. In the inner compartment of the cryptex, secret information can be hidden.

Step 1: Materials

1) 1(1/4)" coupling (x1)
2) 1(1/2)" coupling (x4)
3) 2" coupling (x4)
4) 2" threaded ends caps (x2)
5) 1(1/4)" PVC pipe (x1)
6) 1(1/2)" PVC pipe (x1)
7) PVC glue
8) Bolts and nuts (x4)
9) Sand paper and dremel tool
10) Tape

The number of 1(1/2)" and 2" couplings, bolts and nuts, depends on how many dials you are making. (I used 4, because I made 4 dials)

Step 2: Tape

Take both 1(1/2)" couplings and tape them, so they fit into the 2" threaded ends caps, because they naturally do not fit inside each other. (I used the ugly Christmas tape, because you won't see it anyway)
When they fit nicely, glue 1(1/2)" couplings inside the 2" threaded ends caps.

Step 3: Glue

Glue the 1(1/2)" pipe inside one of the previously made threaded end cap (2" threaded end cap with 1(1/2)" coupling inside)

Step 4: Sand

Take other previously made threaded end cap and sand its inside, so the 1(1/4)" coupling can fit inside it.
When everything fits, glue 1(1/4)" coupling inside the previously made threaded end cap (2" threaded end cap with 1(1/2)" coupling inside)

Step 5: Glue

Take the 1(1/4)" pipe and glue it inside the threaded end cap made in step 4.

Step 6: Adjust

Make two pipes the same length, I made mine 5.7 inches and I made 4 dials. You can adjust your length depending on how many dials you are making.

Step 7: Sand

Sand the 1(1/4)" pipe, so it fits inside the 1(1/2)" pipe.

Step 8: Gap

Take the 1(1/2)" pipe and cut a 0.5 inch gap in it.
Do not cut it completely, so the pipe doesn't collapse.

Step 9: Base of Dials

Take the other two 1(1/2)" couplings and cut them in half, to make four.
Sand down their inside just a little bit, so they turn smoothly on the 1(1/2)" pipe.
Then also cut a 0.5 inch gap in each 1(1/2)" coupling.

Step 10: Stopers

Drill holes in between bases of the dials.
Then place and glue bolts and nuts in the holes.

Step 11: Dials

Take four 1(1/2)" couplings tape them, then fit and glue them inside four 2" couplings

Step 12: Almost Ready

Place your dials on the pipes and your cryptex is almost ready.
I also had to adjust a length of the dials a little bit so they fit nicely into the pipes.

Step 13: Stoper

Cut a little piece of 1(1/2)" coupling or pipe and glue it at the end of your dials.
This is needed so the dials don't fall when you open your cryptex.

Step 14: Finished

Your cryptex is finished!
Now just decorate it to make it look like an actual cryptex.
Place your keyword letters on the place above the gap on the dials, so they (key letters) will be opening the cryptex.

You can hide there anything you want to keep out of reach of your friends/parents/siblings, like document or money.
Hope you enjoyed:)



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    I made this.


    PVC cuts great on a chop saw. Definitely gonna do this with the kids and try is with nice straight cuts. Great instructable!

    This is just a copy of a previous instructable just like your other instructable is. moderators please investigate.