Step 3: prep the crystal holder

Strip the 14/2 household wire or just use the bare ground wire from the bundle

Using the small crystal as a guide, tightly wrap the bare wire several times around one end, make sure you leave several inches of wire to attach to the base.
<p>anyone know a good place to get cheap crystals?</p>
<p>Thank for the instructable, great project. I was able to make mine in 45 minutes (i had most of the parts already at hand). I had only blue LED and a smaller light bulb but it turned pretty decent. I used a single blue LED, 5v adapter and 120 ohm resistor.</p>
Nicely done!
<p>I am 13yrs old and am making it so far the hardest things for me have been to find the tools I am making this for my class I am in advanced if you were wondering when I finish it I will post a pick of what it looks like but all you weenies need to stop just flagging the stuff and actually make it </p>
could you make this without the glass of the bulb, it seems all that is really nessesary is the bottome srew part. <br>
Absolutely! the bulb part is purely decorative.
Cool, but looks tough to make.
&nbsp;Looks great and you made an awesome instructable. Had to bookmark it in my steampunk folder!
Same here!
Great idea, this is my version.. ^^ I connected the LEDs to an USB cable... It's alot Easier.. :D
looks awesome as an idea for potential steampunk/fantasy lighting. I'd use a luxeon or rebel style diode, to REALLY light it up (ie. bright enough to use as actual room lighting).<br />
Perhaps this could make an interesting joule theif project.
As a replacement CuSO4 (Copper Sulfate) crystal can be used, color is nice too! :]<br />
&nbsp;Reminds me of the Steam Punk light bulb i made. Great instructable though!
Steampunk lightbulb?&nbsp; Would love to see that!<br /> <br /> I really like this lightbulb, but lack soldering tools and the skills to use them.&nbsp; Would buy one though.<br />
&nbsp;Okay i will get the materials later today and make an instructable. I will message you when i upload it.&nbsp;
<a class="entryListTitle" href="../../../../member/Zergling_pack/" rel="nofollow" style="line-height: 16.0px;padding-right: 4.0px;padding-left: 0.0px;">Zergling_pack</a>;<br /> Sounds great!<br /> <br /> Thank you<br />
i saw this and thought the crystal was magically glowing by itself.<br /> too bad theres an led in there :(
&nbsp;I thought so, too. It's still cool.
Same here, it would be cool if it was, I wonder if it were possible?<br />
Actually LEDs themselves have crystals which produce light when current is passed through it. It is described here:&nbsp;<a href="http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2010-02/gray-matter-light-mystery" rel="nofollow">www.popsci.com/diy/article/2010-02/gray-matter-light-mystery</a> <br />
It's almost like a tiny zero point module, imprisoned in a light bulb.&nbsp; I'm tempted to make one with those little neon indicator bulbs.<br />
Stargate Freek!<br /> <br /> <br /> Enjoy it!<br />
The ZPM is a great idea... I tell you what, I'll race you to the posting of one...<br /> <br /> <br /> In Canada it starts with Zed...<br />
go canada (im canadian too nova scotia)
Of course I said Zed.&nbsp; Rodney would kick my arse otherwise.<br /> <br /> Don't bother racing to post, as you'll win anyhow, on account of my being generally lazy and shiftless.<br /> <br /> I think my &quot;things I should get around to sometime&quot; list is well into the hundreds by now.<br />
great idea :D<br />
ha muito legal gostei!<br />
I like how you made use of the &quot;normal&quot; screw base so the bulb is removable instead of just running wires out of the bottom of the bulb<br /> <br /> for extra awesomeness find a base with room for a AA battery or 2 and use a joule thief circuit...<br /> <br /> <br />
hey looks great! <br /> <br /> I didn't think you could use dimmer switches with leds, unless you have special dimmable leds. How does this work?<br />
Thanks.<br /> <br /> While the preferred method of dimming a LED is PWM, The quick and dirty way is to limit the current available to the LED by increasing the size of the resistor in the circuit. <br /> <br /> Since the brightness of a LED is dependent on the current of the circuit, to decrease the brightness of a LED you need to either decrease the voltage available or increase the resistance of the circuit. There is a limit to the amount of current that the LED can handle which is why the circuit uses both a fixed and a variable resistor. Make sure that the potentiometer&nbsp; that you choose can handle the power, In this case a 1/4 watt rated pot would have worked but I was going for a specific look. <br /> <br /> Note that the resistance circuit used here will result in a differing brightness in the individual LEDs due to manufacturing but this is not seen here due to how they are mounted.<br /> <br /> I hope that this helps...<br />
yeah, thanks for clearing that up :)<br />
This is gorgeous!<br /> I'm going to try and make it over, nice job!<br />
Nice! This would be even cooler if you combined it with <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED_Lightbulb/" rel="nofollow">this Instructable</a> to make it mains compatible.<br />
Hey dude, haven't seen you in awhile.<br />
What do you mean?<br />
I don't see your comments as much.<br />
This single project just struck a chord that reverberated through my brain... I'm mixing and matching ideas and instructables. I just want to thank you for giving me a new need to create. Just finished my first attempt with this. Awesome.<br />
Thanks...<br /> If you have any questions just let me know.<br /> <br /> Good luck with you project.<br />
Excellent 'ible! It creates a very warm and pleasing looking light.<br />
&nbsp;5* and faved :)
Same!!<br />
Whoa, this looks amazing! I just got some 10mm orange LED for a project, so I think I'll try this too! Great job on the 'ible!<br />
Amazing! &nbsp;I saw this on the homepage and literally said out loud, &quot;I MUST HAVE IT!&quot;
Crystal power!&nbsp; Excellent project.&nbsp; You could even have alternating lights, instead of three similar lights have three different colored super&nbsp;LED's.&nbsp; Fun.<br />
I like this very much as well.&nbsp; There's something curiously pleasing about it...perhaps its kryptonite like &quot;special glow&quot;.<br />
Man, that would have been great!&nbsp; I never actually thought of putting green in for the kryptonite look. Now I am toying with the idea of a remake...<br />
I&nbsp;gotta say, I'm a fan of this project.<br />
I am surprised that I didn't do something like this sooner. Thanks<br />

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