Step 2: Make the Ring

Hammer a section of wire flat. To do this you have to hit the wire squarely. It you hammer off center the wire will hook to the right or left.

Form a circle on a socket bit. Check it against the finger it’s made for for proper fit.

Cut the ring to size and file the ends square.
<p>I really like this!</p>
<p>wow. a neat and simple gift for a friend, because everyone knows that homemade gifts are worth more than the most expensive shop bought gifts. </p>
<p>wow nice ring</p>
<p>wow nice ring</p>
Absolutely Brilliant! :D
genius <br>
Think i'm going to have to try &amp; make one of these. I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard to zinc/silver plate it to stop it from rusting. I'll have to experiment &amp; post my findings.
I think I've seen coat hanger wire straight, uncoated at the hardware store before.
So adorable!
I love this idea. My boyfriend could propose with this and I wouldn't love him less, probably more knowing the effort he would put into it..
In step 3, if tape doesn't keep it in place you can get something used by lapidaries to mount stones for shaping called &quot;Dop Wax&quot; is about $10, but would likely last a lifetime. Here's pot to heat it easy &amp; safe, reheat it to remove after polishing. : ) http://www.kingsleynorth.com/skshop/product.php?id=94265&amp;catID=1125
I would monitor this carefully, especially with small children. Most coat hangers are made of a low grade steel, which will rust from the moisture on your skin. This can leave a reddish stain to the skin that is hard to wash off, but will eventually come clean. <br> <br>Other than that, what a great project.
Don't worry I used a Tiffany Platinum hanger. Actually it's a regular coat hanger =). <br> <br>Thanks for the advise, I'll keep an eye out.
You can coat the hanger using a clear coat polyurethane. It won't be perfect, since it will chip and you'll have to re-apply, but at least it will work for a while. You also might experiment with anodizing - you can get several different colors of anodization. Of course it increases the price slightly... <br> <br>You can find instructables about anodiztion.
You can't anodise steel; the properties of rust make it impossible (well it is possible, but entirely pointless). With Aluminium or Titanium, you get a tightly locked layer of oxide. But with steel or iron, you just end up with flaky rust, exactly what you're trying to avoid.<br><br>The best solution would probably be a coat of paint or lacquer; or, better yet, use aluminium and anodize it :P<br><br>
can you electroplate it?
Yes, of course you can.....You can use any of several methods to plate it with silver, gold, platinum etc. But, honestly, I believe that this was supposed to be an easy/inexpensive craft to do with/for children. Taking it to the electroplating level is a bit beyond the scope, but entirely possible.
i had no idea that one could solder steel ..<br><br>old dog + new trick !<br><br>
Whadaya coat it with to keep it from rusting?<br>
You can use clear nail polish. I have not noticed a problem with rust yet but then again I live in a desert.
I hope that you used lead-free solder. You should warn people against using leaded solder in the instructable, too.
good point , but i think people ought to know that under federal law, 'leadless solder' can contain up to 5% lead !!!<br><br>and never drink tap water out of the hot side: the lead laws are only of recent vintage, like the 1990's .. and hot water + old lead in older pipes means the water will dissolve some ..not good!<br><br>Always (still!) wise to run the cold water faucet a while, in the mornings!<br><br>
Are you rounding the edges any on the inside? Just wondering if you had any issues with it rubbing or cutting the finger when it's worn. Another great looking ring sir!
Yes, while the ring is on the sand paper wrapped drill bit I remove any sharp edges. But since the coat hanger was round to begin with the edges aren't very pronounced anyway.
Awesome! I think the second or third picture in the Intro step would make for a more striking main image.
Done. Thank you.

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