Step 26: Gallery

I hope you enjoyed the guide and maybe it will inspire some of you to try something off the wall

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pmk2221 year ago
I'm curious as to how you found the correct lengths for the large copper wire and how you knew where to bend them. obviously you had an idea of how you wanted this to look but reviewing the pictures I'm still uncertain how I would be able to get the correct length and shape without making it look terrible. you did an absolutely beautiful job and I wish to congratulate you on a functional piece on art. thank you for sharing this amazing project.
sercancer1 year ago
Hi there!! It is very good instruction. Well done.
Ive got a question. I am thinkin to use this resin coating for my project. Is this copper skeleton essential? Thanks in advance
atterack8333 years ago
stunning , im thinking of making my xbox laptop (battery powered ) incased in such , what would be the weight of 3201cm3 be ? im assuming heavy but how heavy 7 lbs i assume as water weighs that not bad as fiberglass 3/16 of an inch is 8 lbs
id' worry a LOT about heat. though it'd be cool as heck to see....
ya id have to wattercool , it would be un servisable , but it would only be a special edition , like the seamless polished stainless steel or the seamless brushed aluminum or even the standard material but with raised inserts and a halo theme models , id only make %10 of total sales for each so if i sold 10 id make 1 of each of those , i wanted to make a seperate waterproof model , but i might as well use that one , anything hotter than the chips he uses would get a water block , any others would have a tiny heat sink put on before caseing , all the water cooling system would be tested in a box with the hose`s sticking out for the radiator , but id just run a flow of cold water intstead , maybe in a tub till its warm then id swap warm water for cold 1 bucket at a time , that would use less water , then when i know it works for at least 24 hours id set it up for casing but id just leave a plug for the fan and 2 hoses for the rad , those would be screwed in , and if it gets sub mersed in watter a sensor would shut power to the fan till the temp went up too high , that way the fan doesnt break and the water can cool the radiator it would be big and heavy but i think it would be cool , hold your breath and game under watter (i know i have to make a controller now too) but the main thing is it could drop (oh btw if theres an over load at the fan port it will shut down so it doesnt burn out the plug) to the ocean or lake floor and divers or umaned vehicle could retrieve it and then just replace the fan
badideasrus2 years ago
this is soo cool. i love the open design. i've always wondered why they bother with the boards soemtiems. wouldnt it be just as easy to string together the components without one? well, this prooves it can be done.... just takes up more space than i'd thought it would.

still, that thing is beutiful, and neat. i really want to make one now.
sconner13 years ago
Well done! This looks as good as a commercial product.
I've built a few portable c-moys but none so pretty.
I wish I could think of an easy way to get a battery compartment with touch terminals for a couple 9V's in the mold.
sculpty/playdoe. fill the batery compartment to the brim? not sure, but i'd think it'd work. then after it's set, just dig it out.
gweeds2 years ago
Excellent job! Bravo!
Very nice look!
louis.m3 years ago
Really elegant and well thought out!
dmaratt3 years ago
A nice blend of Audio Electronics and Art.
Great Job!
tachtanlee3 years ago
Perfect job!!!
Talib3 years ago
You have opened my mind to many ideas. What a great idea to project housing.
bobbym5293 years ago
Arx3 years ago
What do you think would happen if you powered it with the wrong polarity of adaptor?

I'd be a bit concerned with covering the capacitor's vents. It might make for a pretty big bang.
markb7103 years ago
A very impressive instructable . You did a fantastic job! I would love to see one like this with sound actuated LED's w/ veering degrees of color ......Just a pipe dream on my part. BTW I loved all of the pictures great close ups with high quality.