Crystal Clear Headlight Fix for Plastic





Introduction: Crystal Clear Headlight Fix for Plastic

This is so simple it may make you want to shake your head, don't though. We need you to shake a spray can.

Step 1: Item Needed.

Go to a big box store and get
- Rustoleum 2X gloss clear
- pay about $4
- be over 18 years old

Step 2: Clean Your Headlights.

I'll let you figure out which method to try (see INTERNET). After you are happy with the cleanliness of the plastic. Apply the clear spay paint.

This spray paint doesn't yellow in sunlight. It also bonds to plastic. I believe that it fills in the minute pits in the plastic.

You can mask off if you like. I didn't since it was clear anyways. This will dry to touch in a few minutes. ( if it isn't raining I suppose)

In this pic you can see the dramatic difference.



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    i need to purchase the Gloss clear and recive it in Egypt

    This worked like a champ! The headlights on my wife's '02 Sebring have been cloudy for years. I've tried the kits from the auto parts store, had them "professionally" polished and even worked them over with 1500 grit and polishing compound - all yielding poor results. I had given up and was looking for a deal on new lenses. When I saw this 'ible, I figured that I've got nothing to lose but 5 bucks for a can of clear. I cleaned the lenses with Mr Clean, it removed the yellow haze, masked the area, sprayed five coats each. Now the lights look almost brand new!

    Thanks Ginga-Ninja!

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    I am so glad you have enjoyed this.

    BE WARNED!! You might NOT be able to stop. You may begin to offer this to people in parking lot's. Please see a doctor if these symptoms persist.

    ~ Sent from my very cozy jacket in this rubber room.

    I might have ta' try this on my hoopty-car's headlights. .... I found the best way to clean n' polish them is with a small amount of regular tooth-paste on a damp paper towel... buff it in... then rinse it off... this lasts a little while, but eventually ya' have to go back and do it again. .... I think next time I buff em' out I'm gonna' try this clear coat idea. when I was living close to sea-level the toothpaste buffing lasted quite a long time, but recently I moved to a place that's over 7,000 feet up and the sun n' dry air haze that clear plastic noticeably quicker here. ... thanks for posting this idea.

    Duuuude that looks awesome. Sadly I live in germany, no Rust-o-leum available here... So what is that product exactly? Some other brand has to be available here... Just clear lacquer?

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    Not sure who to give credit to here.....

    I was looking at refurbishing old solar lamps (like along a walkway).
    They say to buff the plastic and then coat it with clear fingernail polish. Maybe you can get that in Germany.

    I used synthetic compound(car wax) on pretty good but doesnt last long.I will try this next.thanks

    Very interesting idea! My headlights look like they each have a large cataract. Any idea how long this treatment will hold up under average conditions?

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    I took this pic in April 17 earlier this year. other than the bugs I have to wipe off they look the same.