I was given a this skull by a family member. It is so cool and unique I just had to do something with it!
In short I placed 3 RGB sections around the skull, added a 555 timer to make the leds flash and filled it with water to create awesome patterns on the walls that surround it. I also placed a small fan over the mouth of the bottle to make the water ripple. 
please watch the video

Step 1: Things Needed

If you have seen my instructable on how to make a dog safety collar https://www.instructables.com/id/Flashing-LED-dog-saftey-collar/ you will notice that the 555 timer schematic is almost the same. now it can be the same but I chose to swap out one resistor for a potentiometer, you dont have to do this but it allows me to controll the flash rate. 

555 timer
47k resistor (two if not using the pot)
2.2 uf cap
crystal head vodka bottle
3 sections of a rgb led strip
small 12vdc fan (optional) 
9volt power supply
I had a very similar idea that I did with the mini crystal skull vodka bottle but because of the smaller size I used a single fast flash rgb led.
So very cool. Since you have the fan to move the water around, would it be possible to add some sort of large flake glitter (non-metallic) to it so very could help reflect the light?
very cool idea! I think i will do that. thanks for your feedback!

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