Step 3: Cooking

Picture of Cooking
I added ~ 1 LB of sugar and enough water to "cover" the ginger (it has a tendency to float).

The sugar & ginger were brought to the boil and simmered gently until the lumps looked translucent, i.e. no longer white-ish and opaque. This took ~ 3 hours, during which time the chunks shrank and the sugar syrup reduced to ~ half the volume. The sugar syrup was not cooked to the point of caramellisation.

The syrup was separated with a sieve and kept for future use (home-brew)
{tauney}6 years ago
mmmm...beer and ginger? delicious!
lemonie (author)  {tauney}6 years ago
It'll be in the next brew... L
it's been an age - how did the brew turn out, i find that whole concept rather exciting :)
lemonie (author)  ausphoenixrising4 years ago

It had a touch of ginger, but I was just using the sugar - I can't touch the stuff unless it's been fermented...