Crystallized Snowflakes (5 Inches Long)





Introduction: Crystallized Snowflakes (5 Inches Long)

In this guide, I will be teaching you how to create a snow flake using borax and food coloring! Mine was blue, but you can create any color you want! This is a simple craft and you can hang this ornament outside your home so others can all dream about getting one.

Materials: (Most are in your home)
- a jar
- water (as much as the jar can hold)
- borax (3 tsp)
- blue food coloring (1 drop/cup of water)
- pipe cleaners (any color, 3 pieces about 5 inches long)
- pencil
- string
- time

Step 1: Pipe Cleaners

Twist three 5-inch pieces of pipe cleaner together to form a snowflake. If you want to, you can add more designs onto the pipe cleaner snowflake, but be careful, as it will be easier to break later!
The Pipe Cleaners should look like the second picture!

Step 2: Tie It Together (TTT)

1. Tie a piece of string long enough onto the snowflake
2. Tie the flake with string to a pencil.
3. Make sure there isn't too much string
4. Wait for the next page to load..... ;)

Step 3: Mixing!

1. Get a Jar
2. Get your Borax and measure it out
3. Boil some water
4. Mix it together
5. Await further directions....

Step 4: Food Coloring!

1. Add 1 drop blue food coloring per 1 cup of boiling water
1.5 You can also add other colors for other colored snowflakes (blue looks the most realistic)
2. Swirl it

Step 5: Wait

1. Hang the snowflake in the jar
2. Let sit overnight; remove

It should look something like this:
The second picture is the instructable done in green food coloring!

Thanks for viewing my Instructable!



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    Thanks for making it my first Featured Instructable!
    I really appreciate that!


    So I think it worked pretty well


    Well I got an A+ on my science fair


    I'm doing this for my six grade science fair

    1 reply

    Haven't been on Instructables for quite some time, but good to hear that. Let me know how it works out for you. :)

    From Where can get "BOREX" in srilanka. Please help me..

    That's awsome. You could also make something similar with sugar to make rock candy snowflake!

    1 reply

    If someone ever makes one, please take a picture of it, with a piece of paper (with your Instructables Name on it), and post it on here. A patch will be given to you!

    How long do these last? will they fall apart easy?

    3 replies

    They don't really melt or anything, so they kind of last forever...
    They are like rock candy or rock crystals, so if you drop them on a hard surface, they might break, or chip off, but there's a pipe cleaner, which strengthens the snowflake....

    I wonder how they'd hold up being embedded in acrylic resin?

    they would hold up pretty well!