Step 2: Cut and create the base

Measure, cut, and assemble the base.

To do so you will need to measure and cut:

2 lengths of 1" PVC at 44 1/2" (this will differ by wagon length)
4 lengths of 26" PVC (the picture shows 24 3/4" but in order to accommodate 5 gallon water jugs, you will need to extend this to 26")
2 lengths of 8 1/2" PVC
4 lengths of 4 1/2" PVC (this will differ by wagon width)
4 elbows
4 T's

Assemble as show in the photographs. You may glue the base sections together if you wish, but it is not necessary to function properly.
Just out of curiosity, where did you find O.D. green 5 gal buckets? Lol
Nice idea. At the 2010 jamboree, my troop used buckets for sitting and they were great! We did use a wagon for carrying food and water in, and trash and waste water out, but we never had any need for carrying something to sit on with us. The ground always seemed to be a fine option for sitting.

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