Step 5: Prep step 3

Picture of Prep step 3
Mark pilot holes.
  Pilot holes are helpful for younger scouts who are making the tool box. Pre-drilled pilot holes will help the nails start straight and keep them going true.
  All pilot holes are 3/8” in from the edge of the boards. Since the thickness of the boards being nailed is 3/4”, placing the pilot holes 3/8” from the edge will keep the nails in the center of those boards. If you have a gauge or caliper lock it at 3/8”. Place it against the edge of the board, then make a pencil mark at its end. This will give you consistent edge placement of the holes.

Pilot hole locations:
  Handle 1”x2”x12”: On both ends, in middle of handle. (3/4” x 3/8” from corner)
  Long sides 1”x4”x12”: On both ends in middle (1-3/4” x 3/8” from corner)
  Two in line along the bottom of the board (4” x 3/8” from opposite corners)
  Tall sides 1”x 4”x 12”: Two in line along the left of the board ( 1” x 3/8” from corners)
  Two in line along the right of the board (1” x 3/8” from the corners)
  Bottom 1”x 4” x 10-1/2”: No holes.