Cuban Cable Bag


Introduction: Cuban Cable Bag

I found the pattern for this purse on Lion Brand's website, it is the Cable-Ready Bag. I usually adjust the patterns but I decided to keep it as is. I used Wool-Ease T&Q.; I will definitely be recreating it again because it was so easy and the result is so complex looking!

I absolutely love making purses. Most of the time they are for friends or family but as soon as I saw the Cable-Ready Bag on Lion Brand's website, I knew I had to make it for myself. Not sure why but, I don't like following patterns as they read, I like to tweak them a little to make them my own (even if I've never made them before). In this case I only changed the colors. I live in a very warm climate, and liked the bright colors. I used Wool-Ease T&Q.; It only took me 2 weeks in total to complete it. An hour here, 30 minutes there, and poof! It was finished. I still can't believe how easy it was (and that I made it)! I get stopped all the time and asked where I got it and usually I get a look of astonishment when I say that I made it. (Then I get requests!) I plan on making another out of the leftovers that I have. But true to form, I have to change it up! I'll be shrinking it down for my daughter, Cidney. She loves the purses I make her and she won't leave the house without one! I know she'll just love a mini version of Mommy's!



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    Really cool. I am really tired right now, but I'm using the strength I have to comment on this awesome bag. (I was just working outside for a LONG time!) Great job.

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    Wow! Thanks. I appreciate your comments. .... and that you risked possible head injury (for falling asleep at the keyboard). Take care.

    Yeah, I was like trimming the trees and picking up all the stuff, helping my brother and dad.
    It was tiring.