I've always loved those little holographic bugs that museums always seemed to stock in stores, so this project was a bit of a re-imagining of that past memory. Once a friend taught me about 123D Make, I began to think of different uses of 123D Make beyond the standard stacked or slotted puzzles, and thought of making holograms. Essentially you'd have engraved acrylic stacked together to form a figure from the engravings.

I did a bit of research and most 3D holographic cubes are made from either 3D laser engravings or micro cracks made from high peak power pulses. Neither of these technologies are at my disposal so I went ahead with the 123D Make and laser cutting idea.

Step 1: Materials

  • acrylic (The thinner the better; you can have finer resolution of your figure since you'll have many more layers to create a cube. I used 2mm thick acrylic)
  • software (I used 123D Make to slice my stl file into different layers and then Adobe Illustrator as my graphics software for separating each slice in the exported PDF. There are many other alternatives though! 123D Make is free, but it's a bit glitchy. Inkscape is also a free software with just about the same function as Illustrator)
  • laser cutter (I used the Full Spectrum, hobby 20x12 at UMakers in Claremont, CA. Alternatively, you can outsource your cutting to places like Ponoko and such.)
  • threaded rod and nuts (or just dowels for clamping all the pieces together)
  • microfiber cloth (highly suggested) -- or kimwipes if you have access to laboratory equipment. Otherwise simple paper towels can do the job, though not too well -- I had to go with these in the end.
<p>Whoa...pretty cool!</p>
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<p>This is so cool! I love the 3D effect :)</p>
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