We live in Baton Rouge, home of the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers .... so the guys (Ron Musser, my boss's boss, Gary Smith, my co-worker, and Caroline Brock, my boss's boss's boss) took Cubicle Tiger (a/k/a Mike) for a little tailgating. LSU Tailgaters are the best in the country!!!
I attempted to deter them from their evil plot by posting a sign in my cubicle stating, "Warning! Protected Zone - Endangered Species Area".
Obviously, it did not work.
Well, at least they rinsed clean all the beer cans and wine bottles, so there was no mess.
<p> . . . and I thought MY co-workers were bored!</p>
<p> . . . and I thought MY co-workers were bored!</p>
you've inspired me to post an instructable 6 times for no reason when it could be just be a single one instead of 6
Gosh. Charlie Sheen will party almost anywhere.
You seem to have a really fun(crazy) workplace.

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