Introduction: Cucumber Chinese Cold Dish

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Chinese appetizers often feature "cold dishes", which gets the special distinction for being served cold. Of course, in western cuisine where cold food is a lot more common, such as distinction would not make much sense. Nonetheless, for a culinary style that marginalizes anything cold, this modern appetizer will surely make a lasting impression in your dinner serving.

Step 1: Materials

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  • Cucumber
  • lemon/lime juice
  • garlic
  • peanuts (peeled)

Additional seasoning:

  • vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • roasted sesame oil
  • coriander seed

Step 2: Prep the Peanuts

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In a warm frying pan:

  • roast peanuts at medium low heat for 5 minutes, turn heat off and leave in pan for 2 more minutes.
  • transfer to a mortar;
  • grind to small peanut chunks.

Step 3: Making the Sauce

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In mixing bowl:
  • Mix vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil in 4:2:1 amount.
  • finely dice 2 cloves of garlic.

In a hot pan:

  • add 2 tablespoon vegetable oil;
  • toss in coriander seeds / szechuan pepper until the flavor is ripe;
  • add in garlic to the pan, but remove pan from heat right after;
  • move contents in pan to the mixing bowl.

Step 4: Cut Cucumber and Finish Up

Picture of Cut Cucumber and Finish Up

  • Cut cucumber into 1 inch long segments;
  • slice the cucumber vertically into 3 pieces;
  • stack the cucumber into serving plate;
  • sprinkle crushed peanut over the plate;
  • cover evenly with the sauce;
  • serve and enjoy!


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