Picture of Cucumber-Crocodile
Schritt 1.jpg

                      - 1 cucumber
                      - 1 package of small tomatoes
                      - 1 package of grapes
                      - 1 piece of cheese (taste is up to you)
                      - 1 package of small mozzarella
                      - 1 carrot
                      - some radish
                      - feel free to add your favourite fruit or vegetable


Cut off the bottom of the cucumber, so it is fixed on cannot role of the plate. You can use the cut-off piece to create the feet for the crocodile.
Now, cut a gap into the front of the cucumber (round about 5 cm) and cut out the teeth. Use a piece of the carrot to produce the tongue and place it into the mouth.
For the eyes I used two of the mozzarella-balls and I placed a small piece of radish for the pupil.
Stick a lot of toothpicks in the back of the "crocodile" and place tomatoes with mozzarella or grapes with cheese on it.
Use the leftover things for the decoration.

The cucumber-crocodile is ready!
IWantToEat (author) 3 years ago
Thank you very much for all the good comments, i try to do some new things soon :)
That looks great!
I will have to try this one day!
yes, you should it is very easy and makes a lot of fun!
mygibzone3 years ago
My son would love this! It's such a great way to make eating healthy foods FUN!
OMG that is too cute!!!!!
lesrebnav3 years ago
awesome, a good way make eating vegetables to children
have a nice day
rrkrose3 years ago
This is so adorable!