Introduction: Cucumber Trellis

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Why use a trellis for your cucumbers? Why not just let them grow and spread on the ground? Well I will tell you the two main reasons I did. First to save space, anything that has vines can take up so much space, creep into other vegetables. Secondly, better air movement, which in turn creates better vegetables. So my husband and I made this simple, yet affective trellis.

Step 1: Tools

Here are a list of tools you will need:

1. Skill Saw or Chop Saw

2. Tin Snips

3. Screw Gun with a #8 bit (Red Robbie)

4. Hammer

Step 2: Materials

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Here is the List of Materials needed of the project:

1. (4) 8' 2x4s cut into 4 foot sections

2. (8) small "L" brackets

3. (2) galvanized/stainless hinges

4. (8) 3" deck screws

5. box of 1" screws

6. box of galvanized staples

7. roll of chicken wire

Step 3: Hinges

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The hinges are simply so that the trellis can be folded up to store easily in the winter.

1. Take 2 of the 4' 2x4s

2. Put them end for end

3. Using your 1" screws and screw gun, attach hinge leaving about a 1/2" gap between the two boards (this is for easy movement in your hinge)

4. Repeat this step so that you now have two sets

Step 4: Frame

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Next we are going to make the frame:

1. Take 2 of your 4' 2x4s

2. Using the deck screws, going in on an angle, attach the two hinged boards with the 4' 2x4s making a capital "I"

3. Reinforce the square by attaching an "L" bracket to the inside corners of the frame

Step 5: Frame #2

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1. Take the remaining 4' 2x4s and attach them on either side, near the bottom, measuring 34" from the bottom of the top cross 2x4

2. Use the deck screws, going in on an angle

3. Again use the "L" brackets to secure the frame

You should now have a complete frame for your trellis.

Step 6: Chicken Wire

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1. Roll out the chicken wire, measure 4' 3" and cut using the tin snips

2. Using the staples and a hammer, attach the chicken wire on the underside of the trellis

Step 7: Put It in the Garden!

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Now that you have finish building the trellis it is time to put it in the garden.

1. Put it in your designated spot

2. Plant your cucumbers along the front on either side.

The cucumbers will travel up the chicken wire as they grow. Enjoy!


loneoak (author)2017-06-09

What is a Red Robbie?

suekatie10 (author)loneoak2017-06-09

It is a red square bit for the end of your screw gun

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