Step 6: Suturing

Sew up the patient.

Honestly, I cannot really sew. I sew with the basic in-and-out method I learned from watching my grandmother and old ladies in movies. If you followed my advice and used one of the dollar store animals, you can do this too! And nobody will even know!

<p>Just a tiny WTF moment about the radio stealing: Who the iBison would steal a radio out of a car?</p>
niiiice instructable and totally useful. Thanks!
WoW!! Can I ask seriously though, is that your idea or fashioned of someone elses? Perhaps I just haven't seen them for sale before, but that is a truley incredible idea!!! If this is original you need to start putting these on ebay or I will. That is AWESOME, creds to you if it's yours!!!
The idea of putting speakers into things that aren't speaker boxes is probably about five minutes older than the idea of speaker boxes.
XP lol
Yes I am aware of that. I was asking if the idea of a plushie speaker had been done before as I had not seen one till now.
well just on this site there is <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Stuffed-Animal-Headphones/">these</a> by WurlitzerGirl. I would call that insignificantly different.<br/>
Ok, so that answers my question as it does not seem to be an extraordinarily new idea
Nah, still cool though. I am making plans to take this a couple steps farther.
how heartless....<br/>I like it &gt;=}<br/>
This is great! I'm going to link to your instructable from Dollarstorecrafts.com.
What kind of animal is that?
I think it is a warthog.
This is good work. I might have to duplicate this... or maybe go a step farther. I have an old stuffed teletubby somewhere around here.
Im already afraid of my old furbies making them sing death metal well, that would be too much
Deth-Furbie! The only issue would be setting it up to move its mouth when the vocalist comes in. Then it would be awesome.

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