Introduction: Cullasaja Bar

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Step 1: Cord Used

I used one 7ft strand, and two 5ft with at least a foot of extra length on each strand when finished.

Step 2: Beginning

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Start in the middle of all three strands.

Step 3:

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Fold the long piece over the shorter two.

Step 4:

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Pull the strand in the front to your right.

Step 5:

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Pull the one in the back underneath and to your left.

Step 6:

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Pull the left strand over the right strand.

Step 7:

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Turn the loop to the side and pull up until you have a round loop.

Step 8:

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Pull the strand out on each side.

Step 9:

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Take the cord on the right side and pull it into the front and put it towards the left.

Step 10:

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Take the left cord and put it over the cord in front, take it behind, and out it through the loop on the right side. This is the same way you would make a basic Solomon bar.

Step 11: Lark's Head

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Take the red and blue cord on the left and cross them over the two on the right.

Take the right white cord and put it over the two cords on the right.

Put the rope over the two, bring it under, then trough on the left of the first rope.

Take the strand, move it to the right, go under the two strands, around, and then through the loop you just made.

Pull tight.

Step 12:

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Now do the Lark's Head on the other side.

Step 13:

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Put the two white Lark's Head knots Cross the two red and blue strands over the left again.

Step 14:

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Continue with the Lark's Head knot on each side.

Step 15:

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Cross the two red and blue strands again.

Step 16:

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Continue with the Larks Head on each side.

Step 17:

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Continue making knots until you reach your desired length.

Step 18:

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Make part of a Solomon's Bar on the bottom.

Step 19: Finishing the Bracelet

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Trim the red and blue strands in the middle, and the two whites on the outside.

Step 20: Two Strand Diamond Knot

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This will be the knot that holds the bracelet together.

Make a backwards loop with the blue cord.

Step 21:

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Make a half loop with the red cord and put it in the corner of the blue loop.

Step 22:

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Pull the red cord around the blue loop to the left side.

Step 23:

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Pull the red loop through the blue loop.

Step 24:

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Take the red record on the left and pull it through the red loop.

Step 25:

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Pull the red cord around the top of the left side.

Step 26:

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Pull it underneath the blue cord.

Step 27:

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Put the cord through the middle of the knot.

Step 28:

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Not take the blue rope underneath the right strand.

Step 29:

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Not take the blue strand and put it through the center next to the red strand that was just put in the middle.

Step 30:

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Now pull the blue strand all the way through.

Step 31:

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Pull and tighten the knot.

Step 32:

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Now trim the excess cord.

Step 33: Finished

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This bracelet took about a half hour to make. Make sure the knots are tight. Have fun!!!


triska (author)2016-05-08

Awesome photos. Well lit closeups with steps visible and clear.

djzadjza (author)2014-02-09

This is really cool. Great job

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