Picture of Cultural Food Pyramid
The following is a lesson created to teach a standard in Health and Wellness, as well as in Visual Arts.  The lesson plan is designed to teach students about cultural foods from other countries, how to plan a healthy diet using the food pyramid, drawing using measurement, and how to effectively communicate ideas using collage. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To complete this activity you will need the following materials:
Poster Board
Markers (or colored pencils, crayons, paint etc.)
Internet Access
Food Magazines or Books (optional)
Food Pyramid
Menus (with ingredients listed)

Step 2: Step One-Introducing the Food Pyramid

Picture of Step One-Introducing the Food Pyramid
Introduce the class to the food pyramid.  Discuss the different food groups, and how many servings of each group are recommended in a day.  Then discuss how large serving sizes are.

Step 3: Step 2-Discussion of Cultural Foods

Picture of Step 2-Discussion of Cultural Foods
Talk about food from other countries, and what categories certain unfamiliar foods fall into on the food pyramid.  Have packets made that include menus of restaurants with ingredients, and what some of the ingredients are.  Have students do some research to find out what certain food items are.  For my example I used a menu from the Taste of India restaurant in Bloomington, IN.  Some food items that are unfamiliar are naan (which is a type of bread), and paneer (which is a cheese dish).

Step 4: Step 3-Drawing the Pyramid

Picture of Step 3-Drawing the Pyramid
Split the students into groups, and give them packets assigning each group to a different country.  Next give them the supplies, and have them start by drawing a food pyramid.  Have them measure the pyramid out using a ruler so that sections are proportional.  Also have them label each section with the appropriate amount of servings per category.

Step 5: Step 4-Placing Pictures on the Pyramid

Picture of Step 4-Placing Pictures on the Pyramid
After having drawn the pyramid they should look up pictures on the internet, in food books, or magazines of the foods contained in their menu.  Have them collect their images and place them in the appropriate food category based on their ingredients.  Some food items may fall into several food groups, so have them place them in all appropriate groups.