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Introduction: Epic Tank Girl Costume

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This is my Halloween costume this year. I was inspired by the movie Tank Girl from the early 90's.
What you will need:
1. Little small pieces of white cardboard cut-up
2. Black duct tape for belt
3. Fish Net
4. Coffee Filters
5. Pumpkin pie plastic container from Costco
6. Old necklace emblem
7. Old leather cut up

The key to this dress is to layer the coffee filters one on top of the other starting from the top.
Everything else is just glued on.
Simple easy and from recycling



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    3 Discussions

    I like your mix of textures.
    How long did you take to construct your costume?
    Did it hold up well?

    I love this. I really want to see more of your projects in step-by-step format! This is fantastic!

    I am going to add my description here. This dress is made out of all recycling from the store. Cupcake wrappers, cardboard and scrap ribbon. It is a piece to get creative and reduce, reuse, recycle