This is my first Instructable, so please judge harshly so that I can learn :)
Its a simple project minimal skills needed.
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The cold plate got to -20c
Watter in the cup measured @ 5.5c compared to icecube @2.5c

Step 1: Things to Find

list of items i have used:
Arduino uno
220ohm resistor (i have used 3 x750 in parallel as couldn't find anything smaller) anything from 100 to 220 will do.
12v dc fan 3 wire but 2wire will do the same job.
TEC1-12704 TEC Thermoelectric Cooler
12volt DC adaptor 2.5 amp
Optocoupler 4N33
jumper wires
LM355Z Temperature Sensor
Thermal Past 
Glue Gun
<p>hi, if possible that tec-12706 generated water? and how you supply power to heatsink with 12v 4 ampere?</p>
Hi, <br>Thats true ATtiny85 would be cheaper and smaller. I'll buy on of them and make an update. <br>The problem with the USB coolers/Heaters they do a poor job keeping drinks cool or hot, which makes them more of a gimmick rather than useful thing.My design keeps the drink Cold. <br>I could use a smaller heatsink on the hot side, but the problem is it will require a fan to run constantly (noise issue).
Neat. As small as your code and as few pins as you are using with your Arduino, have you looked to see if you could program an ATTiny chip to do the same thing in a much smaller package (would also free up your arduino for a different project)? <br> <br>Outside of that it looks pretty neat, possibly miniaturize your components a bit more and make a nice project box for it. Also, I assume the USB powered beverage coolers use a similar TEC but with less logic, have you tried hacking one of those to make it more efficient/programmable?

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