Introduction: Cup Cozy Hacks

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We end up collecting cup cozies with the same vigor as rubber wristbands, because if there's anything people like giving out at conferences and conventions as much as those branded rubber wristbands, it's branded cup cozies. And just like those wristbands, those cozies seriously pile up.

After wrenching open a stuck kitchen drawer recently, we discovered the problem: a serious cup cozy jam. So we decided to see if there was something more useful we could do with this thick pile of neoprene and foam drink bottle and can insulators that we hardly ever use for their intended purpose.

If your cozy collection is out of control, the following random assortment of solutions might help keep the cozies out of the kitchen drawers and getting some real use.

Step 1: Materials

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And some scissors.

Needle and thread

Maybe a sewing machine.

Perhaps a fishing rod.

Step 2: Cozy Cellphone Holder

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By golly, our Moto G phone fits perfectly into a cozy! Stitch a belt loop on from some leftover material from another cozy project, and you've got that total geek look going!

Step 3: Cozy Dissection

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For other projects, you might need to dissect your cozy. Flip it inside out and you'll see the seams on either side of the foam insulator. You can open with a seam ripper or just cut off the edge.

Then cut off the little circle at the bottom that forms the base for your can or bottle to sit on.

Now you've got a little foam rectangle to play with - go wild!

Step 4: Cozy Mouse Pad

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Stitch two open cozies together and you have a very functional mouse pad!

Step 5: Cozy Coaster

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Cut your rectangle in half, and you've got a couple of nice cozy coasters.

Step 6: Cozy Cube

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Stitch together two open cozy rectangles with a base piece, and you've got a cozy cube. It can be a big pencil holder, or a 2 liter bottle cozy. You can also attach a cozy square piece on the top, and now you've got a neat little foam gift box.

Step 7: Cozy Cat Toy

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Cozy scraps are springy and fun to pounce on. Ask our cat. Put your cozy scraps on a length of fishing line and you'll have hours of entertainment and so will your cat.

Step 8: Cozy Fishing Lure

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Speaking of fishing line, much to my surprise, when I created a fishing lure out of a cozy, I actually caught a fish!

Make something like a cozy squid, and tie onto a hook, with a small sinker. Douse with a bit of fish oil for a scented lure and give it a shot!

Step 9: Cozy Curiosity

Picture of Cozy Curiosity

So what kind of cozy curiosities can you come up with? Love to see more - and get the rest of those things out of our kitchen drawers!

Step 10: Addendum 1: Cozy Camera Lens Cover

Picture of Addendum 1: Cozy Camera Lens Cover

Thanks to thoughtful commentors, this idea came up - and it works like a charm on my Canon lenses. Keep 'em comin'! We'll leave no cozy un-repurposed!

Step 11: Addendum 2: Cozy Shoe Inserts

Picture of Addendum 2: Cozy Shoe Inserts

This one warranted it's own Instructable, especially since there's a "Feet" Contest underway!


AnnabellaMarie (author)2015-07-31

You are so clever! I'm gonna go clean out that drawer! The cell phone thing is a definite. I've got kitchen items running through my head now. Separators between my non-stick pans; my great grandma's china. Oh..gotta go, my brain is running over now!

Awesome! Send photos! Love to see what you come up with! :-)

tulekah (author)2016-10-02

i make stretchy cat collars for my outdoor cats...they are loose enough for the cat to pull off easily if it gets hooked on to replace when they're lost...but i wish they would bring back the bells...!!!

3366carlos (author)2016-03-10


3366carlos (author)2016-03-10


3366carlos (author)2016-03-10


EurekaFactory (author)2015-07-31

Added a Cozy Shoe Insert hack - with it's own Instructable, for the Feet Contest, too!

SusanP12 (author)2015-07-31

clever ideas, I might try to make some covers for cameras and stuff I carry in a day pack. Thanks for the inspiration

EurekaFactory (author)SusanP122015-07-31

And just saw your comment after replying to previous commentor - it definitely works nicely on the small lenses I have. Good idea on other items too - Probably great for snuggly carrying toiletry items.

neo71665 (author)2015-07-31

Along the line of the cellphone but I keep my 10x25 binoculars covered with one in my pack.

EurekaFactory (author)neo716652015-07-31

Great idea! Your comment inspired me to try one on my Canon lenses . Fits like - a lens cover! And added to the list! Thanks!

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