Cup Game From Pitch Perfect





Introduction: Cup Game From Pitch Perfect

Step 1: First

Find a cup or something that is flat on both sides that is not easy to break.

Step 2: Second

Place the cup in front of you as so...

Step 3: Third

Clap twice

Step 4: Fourth

Start with your left hand tap on the cup once then with your right and left again.

Step 5: 5

Clap again

Step 6: Sixth

Pick the cup up with your left hand and place it a little to your left.

Step 7: Seventh

Then with you left hand still ...... This is hard to explain just look at the picture ; /

Step 8: Eight

Then tap the button of your object like this...

Step 9: 9

Set it back down but do not let go

Step 10: Ten

Flip your wrist tap it with your right hand once again do not take your hand off.

Step 11: Eleven

Then grave the cup with your right hand

Step 12: Last

Next put down your left hand and bring the cup over to the other side of your hand. ALL DONE!!

Step 13: Tip

If it is hard to remember then think Clap clap tap tap tap tap the grab the cup and don't mess up RYME



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    Do you think you could upload a video on how to play?



    sorry but im not going to do a video...

    I'd love to see a video, too.