Cup Holder




Introduction: Cup Holder

Between the tea making department and the workshop is a heavy wooden door, arriving there with a cup in each hand usually ended up with spilt tea!

The idea came to me over half a cup of tea :(

Step 1: The Parts

I found in the greenhouse a plastic flower pot holder

The only other item was a piece of foamed PVC soffit board similar to this

Step 2: Cutting and Screwing

I marked out and cut 2 circles of the foamed plastic, one is the size of the hole that the plant pot would fit into, the other is the outside diameter of the part that holds the flower pot.

I screwed and glued them together.

Step 3: Assemble and Install

The round plates were then pushed into the bracket, a couple of screws through the rim of the holder keep them in place.

The flower pot bracket gets stretched open to pop onto the drainpipe and a nut and bolt at the back clamps it in place

Place cup to free up a hand for the door!



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