Introduction: Cup Cake Chair

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Dont kids love cup cakes? Yes! They do.This is a cup cake inspired chair prototype designed for kids.It has a storage space under the detachable cushion seat.

Step 1: Things Needed:

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  1. Flower pot
  2. 2 layer
  3. Partially inflated plastic ball
  4. Round flat wooden blank -base for the cushion
  5. 300 GSM papers

Step 2: Making Cushion

Picture of Making Cushion

  1. Arrange the plank , partially inflated ball, 2 layers of sponge in top-to -bottom order.
  2. Fold the bottom layer sponge towards the wooden plank.
  3. Using iron nails, attach the sponge to the wooden plank.
  4. Paint the sponge with chocolate brown color.

Step 3: Making the Cup

Picture of Making the Cup

1. Trim the edges of the flower pot.

2. Make the paper into zigzag pattern and wrap it around the pot.

3. Make 2 holes on opposite ends. This is made so that the cushion can be lifted by putting fingers through the holes and slightly giving a push.

4. And sticking glue tape between the hole and the paper so that the zigzag paper would not slip from the cup..

Step 4: Other Projects on Behance

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MacCupcake (author)2015-07-02

Not following what the steps are for the "cupcake paper"... can you provide a few more details or drawing? TIA

Cute!!!!! Can you make an instrucable for a larger size? Thanks.

Thanks PrayingMantisEmilyGrace. How large do you want me to do? Large enough for the grown up adults?

jmyers1 (author)2015-02-25

Too cute! The chair looks like a lot of fun

Karthik P B (author)jmyers12015-02-25

Yes, it is jmyers1. And it's more fun when one makes it. :)

tomatoskins (author)2015-02-24

This is just great looking! Keep up the great work!

Karthik P B (author)tomatoskins2015-02-24

Thank you tomatoskins :)

MITinventorbot (author)2015-02-24

Nice idea! I like how you just made it from things around the house!

Thanks MITinventorbot !!

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