Step 1: Get Stuff

 You'll need:
-a large disposable coffee cup
-a small disposable coffee cup
-disposable coffee cup sleeve
-glue of some sort
-heavy stuff


 Once the glue over the bolts and washers (or other 'heavy stuff') has dried, drizzle glue all over the outside of the small cup and stick it into the big cup. Give it a twist to smear the glue around.
Puzzledd4 years ago
Good idea- and your base ballast is bloody brilliant (excuse my Aussie alliteration).

I have a slightly different problem: my Hyundai has a pop-out, bracket-style cup holder, and I like to use a china mug- but the handle of the mug makes it sit in an angle.

Your method gave me an idea- I used a disposable cup, and cut a slit down one side for the handle. Works a treat, and doesn't even need ballast.

Thanks a heap - my mug is safe and secure; no more wobbly mug and sloppy coffee for me!
I drive an older Honda CRV and the cup holders are useless! I'll try your idea. Looks good. Thanks for sharing
yes,easy to learn