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 My car has a cup-holder that is too shallow; things fall out of it all the time.

This instructable offers a way to improve how a car's cup-holder and a way to reuse coffee house style disposable cups.

Step 1: Get Stuff

Picture of Get Stuff
 You'll need:
-a large disposable coffee cup
-a small disposable coffee cup
-disposable coffee cup sleeve
-glue of some sort
-heavy stuff
Puzzledd4 years ago
Good idea- and your base ballast is bloody brilliant (excuse my Aussie alliteration).

I have a slightly different problem: my Hyundai has a pop-out, bracket-style cup holder, and I like to use a china mug- but the handle of the mug makes it sit in an angle.

Your method gave me an idea- I used a disposable cup, and cut a slit down one side for the handle. Works a treat, and doesn't even need ballast.

Thanks a heap - my mug is safe and secure; no more wobbly mug and sloppy coffee for me!
I drive an older Honda CRV and the cup holders are useless! I'll try your idea. Looks good. Thanks for sharing
yes,easy to learn