Impress everyone with this beautiful and easy cupcake bouquet! This personalized gift is a thoughtful, home-made, unique and tasty way to say:  "Happy Birthday", "Thank you ", "Get Well",  "Happy Mother's Day" or "Congratulations". These bouquets are versatile and easily changed up to suit any ocassion by using a different vase, ribbon, icing color or cupcake flavour.  As an added bonus, the lucky recipient of this elegant gift is left with a lovely vase of your choosing, as well as a satisfied palate.
~Just follow these simple instructions to create the perfect gift for someone special~

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

7 large cupcakes
4 cups of your favorite buttercream icing (medium stiff consistency)
1 disposable plastic pastry bag
1M decorating tip
yellow food dye
7 (4 ounce) plastic portion cups- I purchased at restaurant supply store open to public
vase (8 inch diameter)
1/2 ball floral styrofoam (6 inch diameter) - I purchased at craft store
3 sheets of green gift wrapping tissue paper
Wow!<br> <br> If only you'd posted this a day earlier, but in a couple of hours we're going to a village f&ecirc;te, and Kitewife is taking cupcakes, but we haven't got time to go shopping for the dome and cups.
Awh I love this, nice job. I read you stapled them together but I'm just curious as to how the cups stayed in the pot securely?
Easy and creative.
Wow, this looks so easy! What a neat idea.
Wonderful! Bright, cheerful, and delicious!
Great!! Only thing missing is showing the icing tip that you used (for us amateurs).
Hi <br>Thanks! It's a 1 M in the description and in the photo. It's a bigger tip - you can buy at craft, hobby, cooking or decorating store. Pretty easy to find - don't need to use a coupler with it!
awesome. i didn't click at first cause i thought it was a bunch of flowers. but then i saw a link for bouquet of cupcakes, and wow! those are cupcakes! amazing! <br>awesome work!
VERY cute and creative! Nice job!

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Bio: I'm a Mom and Project Manager (Health care) that loves to cake decorate, bake and cook.
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