Step 7:

Color your icing with a small amount of food color on a toothpick. Keep adding until you get the color you like.( I use a mixture of buttercup yellow and a little lemon yellow)

Cut off end of plastic pastry bag and insert 1M tip from top.  Fill pastry bag half way with icing.

Then start piping in the centre of the cupcake with the tip upright, pipe in a clockwise direction, while applying even pressure and working your way outwards .
Wow!<br> <br> If only you'd posted this a day earlier, but in a couple of hours we're going to a village f&ecirc;te, and Kitewife is taking cupcakes, but we haven't got time to go shopping for the dome and cups.
Awh I love this, nice job. I read you stapled them together but I'm just curious as to how the cups stayed in the pot securely?
Easy and creative.
Wow, this looks so easy! What a neat idea.
Wonderful! Bright, cheerful, and delicious!
Great!! Only thing missing is showing the icing tip that you used (for us amateurs).
Hi <br>Thanks! It's a 1 M in the description and in the photo. It's a bigger tip - you can buy at craft, hobby, cooking or decorating store. Pretty easy to find - don't need to use a coupler with it!
awesome. i didn't click at first cause i thought it was a bunch of flowers. but then i saw a link for bouquet of cupcakes, and wow! those are cupcakes! amazing! <br>awesome work!
VERY cute and creative! Nice job!

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