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Delicious, clever, and surprising, these cupcakes impersonating ice cream cones are sure to delight!

My mother used to make these for my brother and me when we were kids and had to bring in birthday treats to school. I had extra cake batter left over from making Cake in a Jar (coming soon), and remembered these beauties from my childhood.

They're a might bit of effort, but well worth the final results. Enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

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To assemble these adorable treats, you'll need the following:

  • Your favorite cake recipe or mix
  • Ice cream cones
  • Frosting
  • Sprinkles, jimmies, etc. Something for decorating
  • Opt. - an empty egg carton to use as a cone holder for baking/decorating/transporting

Step 2: Assemble

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  • Cut bottoms out of empty paper/cardboard egg carton to hold cones
  • Place empty cones into holder
  • Fill 2/3 full will batter (slightly more than pictured)
  • Bake in the egg carton at 350oF (175oC) for about 30 minutes. It won't burn the paperboard. But make sure to cut off the top half of the egg carton or the inks might start to smoke.
  • Test doneness with a long wooden skewer. Even when baked on top, they might be a bit undercooked in the bottom of the cone. I personally don't mind this, but most people do.

Step 3: Decorate

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  • Frost the cupcake cones with your favorite frosting
  • Decorate!

Step 4: Share

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People are always surprised by these simple treats.
(I recommend finding the handsomest test subject you can to try this on.)

They'll want to know how you got a cupcake inside the cone. They'll hardly believe you when you tell them how easy it truly is.

Gloat and enjoy.


Jumbo Ninja (author)2010-06-24

Hey just made these but instead of cupcake (cake mix) I used brownie mix (no cake mix in the house lol) So here they are... I dripped on the sides :P hard not to but the actually "poofed" up more then I thought they would and they were gooey on the inside so that made them even better :P not bad for a guy :D. Thanks for the great 'Ible. (P.S they were the extra chocolaty chunk brownies lol)

scoochmaroo (author)Jumbo Ninja2010-06-25

Ooh, they look good.

Jumbo Ninja (author)scoochmaroo2010-06-25

Omg Thanks so much scoochmaroo!! my first instructable ever made and it won me 3 months of pro! i <3 you lol

scoochmaroo (author)Jumbo Ninja2010-06-25

Yay! :)

frenzy (author)Jumbo Ninja2010-06-25

This posting has won today's "I Made It" Challenge. For winning you will receive a 3 month pro membership!

Thanks for using instructables!

Alishye (author)2009-09-27

Very helpful tutorial! The egg carton worked great for me and my cupcake cones came out delicious! Thank you for sharing!

scoochmaroo (author)Alishye2009-10-02

Thank you for the picture!!!!!

lucek (author)2009-08-07


big-jamie (author)2009-06-22

well i thought you dlike to see my *ahem* attempt at these cakes, (i didnt have frosting so i used normal icing sugar)

they are flat and i did make a mess, but they are damn tasty anyway ! a great for adults and kids alike !

scoochmaroo (author)big-jamie2009-06-22

I think they look great!!!

yorkiepoobrutus (author)2016-03-04

That is making my mouth water

porcupine24253 (author)2013-08-05

Those look SO good!

DvsNegrito (author)2012-09-14

I made some with my 10 year old daughter for her school mates. Awesome. Thanks scoochmaroo.

cmike1 (author)2012-03-22

i tried this 1 too and it was burnt badly. Im going to try it again on lower heat .:( i have an electric oven :(

anthylorrel (author)cmike12012-09-02

That shouldn't have really made any difference. Sounds like your oven needs to be calibrated.

leastcmplicated (author)2012-02-18

Thank you!! I used your recipe for my daughters Adoption Day party :)

pampillay (author)2012-01-06

Can't wait to try it :)

courtneyr (author)2011-11-25

I made these for my daughters 2nd birthday. They were the perfect size and easy for them to hold. The girls loved decorating them. I changed the baking box a little with pretty decent success (see pic). I got excited when I saw jumbo cones in the store today because I was hoping the base would be large enough to just pop them into a cupcake pan. Alas it is not.

PS I was so excited about how much the kids liked them I am posting my first ever comment.

Korndog (author)2011-10-04

This is fantastic! I am going to try it this week.

cpacker1 (author)2011-10-01


fonzuzu (author)2011-09-15

you should enter this in the play with your food contest, it's very good idea!

That One Eegit (author)2011-08-21

i made these in school as a last day treat. they were awesome!

Keira_Yagami (author)2011-07-28

Such a great recipe! I used Marble Fudge mix and it turned out great. When I frosted them i took a slightly wet paper towel and dabbed them to give them a fluffed look like ice cream.

Jekyll1313 (author)2011-06-29

Well its 5am and I am just getting home from work...whipped up the mix and used the under side of a pizza box as my holder. I used a freezer bag with a hole cut in the bottom corner to apply the mix to the cones...worked well. My daughters grade 2 class party in 5hrs..wish me luck on the final product.

artobot (author)2011-06-13

These were my mom's goto pastries for all childhood events. Thanks for bringing back the good memories :)

csemeling (author)2011-06-09

Do we have to use an egg carton, or can we just use a shoe box or something?

Win Guy (author)2011-05-24

Oh. My. Gosh! These look so good... I'm going to try my hand at them!
Win Guy

chelsea7500 (author)2011-05-07

These are so adorable! What a great idea!

My stepmom used to make these for every birthday. The topping was ice cream, not frosting though. Each cone got a candle, and each kid made a wish...for the birthday kid! It was a fun tradition, and it makes me smile to see these again!

ElizabethParkin (author)2011-05-02

I tried these out today, turned out amazing! Thanks so much for the tips! :)

anibioman (author)2011-03-16

my mom used to make these all the time.

biggy smalls (author)2011-03-15

So, I've made these before and I love them, but I noticed that after you bake it, the cone loses a lot of its crunch. Is it the same with yours? Can it be fixed?

craftyfingers (author)2009-06-11

couldn't you just stand the cones in muffin tins and bake?

Semilove (author)craftyfingers2011-03-01

They fall over! Don't do it!

r u sure the egg container will not burn in the oven im a litlle skeptical on that matter

Not enough heat (and grease) to catch them on fire if that's what you're worried about. As soon as I saw this idea I thought, "GENIUS!"

At the very most, the carton might get more brittle with the heat, but I truly doubt it.

slithien (author)2011-02-16


yaya1966 (author)2010-11-06

made mine and forgot to add egg to the cake miz int is cake mix in a cone now!

msmum1977 (author)2010-10-01

I seem to remember making these with my mother, who used a muffin pan to bake these...she twisted of tin foil into lose ropes and would it around the cone bases to fill up the muffin cups and keep these babies stable and upright. Once baked, she just left them in the muffin cups for decoration and transport. These were a favorite Sunday School treat!

She would keep the tin foil from batch to batch too instead of throwing it out...resuing it again and again.

If I recall, she only filled these partially too, and the they didn't poof up like the picture either, but instead, we piped the 'soft serve' like icing on top.

I loved putting the sprinkles on!

natalie0031 (author)2010-09-26

mmmm! I love cupcakecones! My mom used to make them when I was little for my birthday. I think they were usually chocolate, but i don't exactly remember.

Ye (author)2010-08-08

Wow, this is a great idea. When I was in school, people would normally just make a cupcake without the paper liner, and then set it in the cone. It was always bad because you'd eat the cupcake and top of the cone, and then throw the rest of the cone away. I can't wait to make these!

djcssp (author)2010-04-16

Put some Ice cream on top when you serve them instead of the frosting!

punkhead58 (author)2010-04-01

I usually browse Instructable's Tech section, but, judging purely from what ends up on the home page every other day, I have to say, with all due respect, you make the weirdest things.*

The excessive use of commas emphasizes my point.

scoochmaroo (author)punkhead582010-04-02


leeski (author)2010-03-25

I can't wait till my son's next birthday party.  he will love these...thanks Scoochmaroo

rohini (author)2010-03-08

i love all ur cakie-bakie instructables

primadiana (author)2010-03-07

What if you took a muffin pan and turned it upside down?  Would the cones stay in? Hmmm..  I am going to have to experiment!  Son's bday comin up and the kids at school would love this!

azbudman (author)primadiana2010-03-07

Check with the school cuz all the schools my daughter has went to then they require store boughten treats only.

luvit (author)2010-02-27

 my 1st experience with cupcake cones was in 1982. i was disappointed.

a1t2h9y1 (author)2009-06-16

just made these and they're delicious...but I can't figure out how to make it not drip on the sides and put enough batter so it'll rise for the "ice cream" shape. help?

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