Step 5: Sewing the Brim

Open up the brim and lay the pink fringe along the top. Put it back right sides together, and sew along the short edge.
<p>I embroidered the sprinkles and added a strawberry on top!</p>
<p>Would it be okay to make this hat without the lining or would it not work right?</p>
<p>Lining is not necessary as long as your fabric isn't see-through</p>
<p>I also made a fleece cherry for the top :D</p>
<p>Awesome job! And you made the cherry?! I love it, totally looks amazing. </p>
wow awesome
wow this is really cool
How super cute! Did you enter this in the cake decorating contest? It would be thinking outside the box, but it couldn't hurt to give it a try! Very nice job!
Thanks! I'll try and see what happens.... ;D
That's amazing!
I would love to have a cupcake on my head! That is so adorable!

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