Picture of Cupcake Nail Art
This instructable will teach you to put cute cupcakes on your fingernails for a bake sale, your birthday, or just because cupcakes rock.
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Step 1: Clear Coat

Picture of Clear Coat
Always apply a clear base coat when painting your nails.

Step 2: Base Color

Picture of Base Color
Once your clear coat is dry, you should do a base color. I suppose you do not have to, but I prefer to.
Ordinarily, I would do a white base coat, however I ran out of white so I used silver instead.

Step 3: Cupcake Liner

Picture of Cupcake Liner
Once your base color is dry it is time to make the base of your cupcake.

The first time I did these nails I used only the nail brush that comes with the polish. You can do that, but if you have special nail brushes, I recommend a flat brush.

Basically, just make a rectangle or a trapezoid. If you make the trapezoid, the top should be wider than the base.

The top does not need to be perfect, because you will be covering it with "frosting" anyways.

Step 4: Frosting

Picture of Frosting
You do not need to let the cupcake base dry before adding the frosting, but you can if you want.
The first time I did these nails I used pale pink. This time, I used a pink with some glitter in it to look like sprinkles.
*I actually got the pink glitter polish with these nails in mind. When I got home with the polish I saw that the color was called "Birthday cake" OMG! Perfect :)

Like I said, the first time I did these nails I used a regular nail brush. This time, I used a dotting tool.
I made dots in a row at the top of the cupcake base. Then, above that row, I did another row centered to the previous, and then one more, making a pyramid.

Step 5: With a Cherry on Top!

Picture of With a Cherry on Top!
Of course your cupcake needs a cherry on top!
You can CAREFULLY use the regular nail brush or, if you have a dotting tool, use that instead!