Here is the finished quilt!

Step 1: Deciding on the design

So, my first step in making the quilt was to aimlessly wander the aisles of the fabric store. I knew the colour scheme was going to be pink and black, so I looked for fabrics that had a striped pattern for the cupcake base and textured patterns for the top.

Once I had decided on the fabrics, I made a template or pattern for the top and bottom of the cupcake and tried cutting out a few to see what it would look like. I always like to “dry fit” my quilts to see if I like the design. I think it would be horrible to spend so much time putting together a quilt that you don’t end up liking.
<p>wow, love it</p>
It looks super cute! I want to make one for my niece now.
Finally got around to uploading this. :p <br> <br>I didn't follow things exactly as described, but this was still my take on it. And I had enough scrap fabric to make a small pillow to boot.
I plan on trying this out as a birthday gift for my little sister. I'm gonna include some cute throw pillows as well ! This tutorial has helped me a lot.
<strong>Love this one!!!</strong> I would tackle it in <em>floor pillows </em>or<em> throw pillows</em>, especially for/with my granddaughters. Would even be cute as a <em>wall hanging</em>. Looking at this I can imagine it being personalized and using &quot;bling&quot; on it as a wall hanging.&nbsp;<br> <br> This one is <strong>definately a keeper </strong>as I am always on the lookout for sewing projects the girls would enjoy and we could work on together. Thanks for the idea, the understandable directions and the great pictures!!
I love the idea of using it for a wall hanging! My plan is to make a few floor pillows eventually...<br>Thanks so much for your feedback! I'd love to see pictures if you end up making anything!
Super Cute!
The cupcakes are so adorable! What fantastic fabric choices!
Thanks! <br>My plan is to make a few matching floor pillows with the same fabric!

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