Cupcake Teaholder Made of Concrete





Introduction: Cupcake Teaholder Made of Concrete

Cupcake teaholder made of concrete

Step 1: Do Some Concrete in a Cupcake Wrapper

put some concrete in a cupcake wrapper, push a old waxinelight in the concrete and let the concrete dry . Remove the cupcake wrappers.

Step 2: Now Add the Tealights

You can paint them them add the tealights

Step 3: If You Make Them Bigger, You Can Put a Plant in It and You Can Put It in Your Garden

if you make them bigger, you can put a plant in it and you can put it in your garden . with a sail in it in terms of the acidity of the cement.



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Questions & Answers


these are awesome.. thanks for the ideas. I have wanted to make cement yard items for a long time...Now I think I have the courage to make variations of these..Thanks

This makes me think of Divali (Diwali), a Hindi celebration of lights.
Could make it very safe to have thousands of these tea lights around your home!

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Penolopy Bulnick ,
Yes the tea light is removable ,just look at the size of the candle ;) they are not heavy, it's almost St Martin ,the children are walking through the streets and sing a song for the doors and then the kids get sweets like halloween. And for the kids to show that we are at home we put these cupcake tealight holders in wind lights . But first we are going to decorate them before we put them in the garden .

Greets Bianca