Picture of Cupid Cups - Frugal Gifts For Valentines Day
This is a relatively inexpensive gift to make and give that looks like an expensive store bought gift.

I picked up the Champagne Flutes at the 99 cent store and got two for .99.

At Wal-Mart The Chocolate Hearts were $1 a bag, The Suckers were 1.00 for 5 and came with a gift tag and bow already on them and the M&Ms were $2.50 for the big bag.

I had to vary the amounts of chocolate hearts and suckers depending on who I was giving them to and was able to create 10 gifts for about $12.00.

The ribbons and shrink wrap bags and equipment were things I already had around the house.

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Step 1: You Will Need

Picture of You Will Need
Plastic Champagne Glasses
1 bag of M&Ms Valentines Colors
1 bag of Chocolate Hearts
Heart Shaped Suckers

Additional Items You may want to use:
Some ribbon, stickers or any other item you may want to decorate your cups
Gift Tags (Optional)
Cling Wrap, clear or colored

Step 2: Additional Equipment you can use but is not necessary to do this project:

Picture of Additional Equipment you can use but is not necessary to do this project:
Heat Sealer
Heat Gun or Hand Held Hairdryer
Shrink Wrap Bags

*Note: you can purchase shrink wrap bags that work with a hair dryer and not need a Heat Sealer or Gun.

Step 3: Fill

Picture of Fill
Fill cups with M&Ms

Step 4: Add Hearts

Picture of Add Hearts
Set a few Candy Hearts on top.

Step 5: Cover

Picture of Cover
Cover Cup with desired wrap.

*Go to Step 8 for shrink wrapping.

Step 6: The Finishing Touch

Picture of The Finishing Touch
Poke a hole in Cling wrap and push suckers through.

Add a gift tag, ribbons, bows, etc.

Step 7: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
Wah Lah!

Your gift is finished and ready to go for a fraction of what you would pay to buy a similar item already made from any store. About $1.20 each.

Step 8: Shrink Wrapping

Picture of Shrink Wrapping
Prepare your bag to fit over your gift.

My Bags were 6 X 6 inches, I folded over one side at the 41/4 inch mark.and creased the bag.

Step 9: Seal The Side

Picture of Seal The Side
Lay your bag across the sealer and seal on the fold. Move the bag over slightly and seal again next to the first seal so your bag wont break open when shrinking.
jprosdocimo5 years ago
This is a great idea!
HeidiR6 years ago
My hubby did one of these for me on Valentines Day. I was so impressed that he would do it all by himself, he got something extra that night!
DebH57 (author)  HeidiR6 years ago
LOL HeidiR lad you enjoyed it.
Donaldhrtc6 years ago
Great stuff DebH57, my sweetie was really pleased when she found out that I made her Valentines gift myself. It seems to have more sentimental value when you put a little effort into it, rather than running out to the store and buying a box of candy. Thank you, and please give us some more great ideas!
DebH57 (author)  Donaldhrtc6 years ago
Thanks Donaldhrtc glad to have helped, check out my profile for ideas I have a few others entered.
Deewheat6 years ago
Cute and economical, and easy to boot!
DebH57 (author)  Deewheat6 years ago
Thanks Dee
bethmez6 years ago
what a great idea - very nice for mty golfing friends
DebH57 (author)  bethmez6 years ago
Thanks Beth
JohnMac6 years ago
What a great idea, this will be a good project for anyone from grade school on up. I would love to receive a hand made project like this. 5/5 stars from me.
DebH57 (author)  JohnMac6 years ago
Thanks JohnMac, maybe cupid will shoot one your way!