I wanted to put together a new card for Valentine's Day. But, I was tired of the schmaltz and sugar coated consumer stuff out there. Sure, I could photograph another candy coated heart, but what was the point?

So, I decided to do a portrait of Cupid.

What would happen if Cupid aged? What if it were a job, like any other?

You get up in the morning and put your wings on, one wing at a time, stare into the middle distance and ask yourself, How did I get here?

It all started so innocently, with a little match making on the side. Sometimes, someone asks for an introduction. Next thing you know, it is 20 years later and those wings don't always hold you up so surely now. And, maybe the introductions are not as honest as they once seemed to be, all covered in red glitter and thin layers of chocolate until you can't tell if it is solid or hollow inside.

But, it's about love, in the end. Despite everything else, or maybe because of it, you put your wings on every day. Because of love.

And, thus, Cupid Noir

Happy Valentine's Day,

Matt McKee

Set & Props- Wendy Joseph, Cupid Noir- Chris Palermo, Photo Illustration

Step 1: Start With a Concept!

Every shoot I do starts with an idea. This one was no different. I was thinking of Valentine's Day and trying to find something odd about it. The "what if" question (I learned that one from one of my heros, Stan "the Man" Lee).

The sketch just has to be a rough idea to help me to figure out what needs to be in the shot.
Simply brilliant concept. I wish I could think of ideas like this I have equipment and skills but original ideas for what to photograph that is the hardest part..............
Thank you, Light_Lab,<br><br>Concepts are the hardest part! But, if every picture tells a story, then it is up to us to make sure it tells the story we want to tell. ;-)
Thanks for your awesome Instructable. I'm a photojournalist and a lot of the work I did at my last paper was photoillustrations. It's really interesting to see another person's work flow and encouraging to find that it's not too far off from my own! Nice work on Cupid Noir! Now you've got me thinking!

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Bio: Commercial photographer with a need for some diy projects with the kiddies!
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